Avionics Services
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- STC ODA # ODA-833063-NE
- FAA Repair Station # P6UR006Y
      Radio Class I, II, III

Pro Star Aviation not only repairs equipment made by the leading business and commuter avionics manufacturers, we also troubleshoot and repair airframe-related avionics systems. We offer on-site avionics service throughout Central and Southern New England; our normal service range covers New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and most of Southern Maine.

We provide all required avionics services for FAR Part 135 Operators: twelve-month avionics inspections, RVSM certification, and twenty-four-month altimeter and transponder certification.

Pro Star Aviation has dealership agreements with every major manufacturer, which enables us to offer timely and cost-effective loaners, spares, and repairs.

Pro Star Aviation has also been a leading provider for Honeywell HAPP and Collins CASP avionics service protection plans for several years. Call Rich Leighton for a quote today (603) 627-7827.