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- STC ODA # ODA-833063-NE

Pro Star Aviation stands for exceptional engineering services. Our processes and capabilities have been developed and fine tuned to achieve the goals that are important to you. From in-house CAD facilities to our careful and critical design reviews, we make all the changes you require before final production units are made. This means we get you what you want every time.

Whether you need structural or electrical design, a simple or complex modification, or something significant to your missions success - your peace of mind is our goal.

Our other strengths include conceptual design, engineering and certification of heavy structural and special mission projects, and top notch preliminary and critical design review.

- More STC's than any aviation company in the Northeast.
- Most STC's can be ready to ship by FedEx, UPS, or even by email
  within 24 hours of their completion.
- We utilize our in house DERs to save time and gain control.
- We have had great success obtaining over 48 STC's on a wide
  variety of aircraft for systems like TCAS, EGPWS, LCD EFIS, Satellite
  TV, SATCOM, and RVSM. Sold throughout the world for use by other