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July 20, 2011 - FAA approval of STC SR00274BO amendment

Londonderry, NH July 20, 2011 - Pro Star Aviation announced today that they have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of an amendment to Supplemental Type Certification (STC) SR00274BO.

The original STC that was approved in July of 2008 included the installation of an L-3 GH-3100 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) and optional Emergency Bus with Honeywell VHF Com and Nav equipment in a Sikorsky S-76A, S-76B or S-76C model rotorcraft.  The amendment approved today adds the newer GH-3100 part number 501-1860-0103 which incorporates software version 3.0 and the latest internal air data card, the option to install an L-3 MAG-3000 Magnetometer to enable the GH-3100 ESIS to independently display magnetic heading without relying on the existing magnetic heading source installed in the helicopter, and a configuration of the Emergency Bus option for the helicopters with Rockwell Collins VHF Com and Nav equipment.

Designed to replace conventional electro-mechanical standby attitude, airspeed and altitude instruments, the solid-state GH-3100 ESIS as certified under this STC provides all three functions, plus slip/skid, navigation data from the helicopter’s existing FMS and pilot’s VHF navigation receiver and now an optional independently magnetic heading source in a single three-inch flat-panel display. The GH-3100 features an integrated air data sensor card with pitot and static connections directly to the unit, which eliminates the need for a remote mounted air data computer. An Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) provides exceptional readability in direct sunlight as well as dark cockpit environments.  The GH-3100 replaces an existing mechanical Standby Electric Attitude Indicator and interfaces to an existing 5Ah Emergency Power Supply such as the L3 Communications Avionics Systems PS-835D or equivalent.

The Emergency Bus optional allows power being supplied to the pilot’s communication and navigation equipment from the 28VDC essential bus to automatically be re-bussed to the existing 5 amp hour Emergency Power Supply when there is a loss of ships power and the emergency power switch located on the instrument panel is armed.

Pro Star Aviation has extensive experience working on avionics for the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.  Over the last 12 years Pro Star Aviation has worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies that operate S-76 helicopters.  Installations have included Universal WAAS FMS, Garmin GMX-200 MFD, Honeywell EFIS and Primus 880 Radar, Collins Navigation and Communication suites including Radio Tuning Units, Aircell and TrueNorth Iridium phones, and Sky Connect and Skytrac Iridium based flight following systems.  Pro Star Aviation also holds STC’s in the S-76 models for the Universal WAAS FMS/MMMS, Kollsman GAViS™ Enhance Vision System (EVS), Garmin GMX-200 MFD and GDL-69 XM Weather system, Universal Avionics System Corp. software upgrade on the Universal Cockpit Display (UCD) system, and a Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Cover Antenna Mount. 

Many of these projects have been accomplished at the customer’s location during annual inspections or heavy maintenance events. Depending on the options and existing equipment the STC can be installed in a 4-7 day window.