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May 01, 2012 - Pro Star Aviation receives an FAA STC for Installation of the AVIATOR 200 in PC-12's

Londonderry, NH - Pro Star Aviation has teamed together with Thrane & Thrane to offer the first STC approved WiFi solution for the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The solution will offer take-off to touch down worldwide internet and telephone access. 

The Thrane & Thrane AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband Satellite Communication system is the lightest, most compact airborne broadband solution on the market. 

Practical and affordable, the AVIATOR 200 provides a simple, easy to use cabin LAN for laptops, tablets, and smart phones via WiFi or Ethernet connection.  Multiple users can access this broadband system at speeds up to 200 kilobytes per second.  The AVIATOR 200’s built-in telephone provides a voice connection through a cabin handset and a cockpit PTA12-100 Airborne Telephone Dialer/Adapter.  The AVIATOR 200 offers the perfect broadband and voice solution for the PC-12. 

As the Northeast US Pilatus Sales and Service Center, Pro Star Aviation is able to offer a complete solution for your aircraft.  We can  install the system into your aircraft at your facility or at ours.   

For more information please contact our Inside Sales Manager, Jeffrey Shaw at 603.627.7827.