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February 04, 2013 - Pro Star announces the addition of the Cobham AVIATOR Wireless Handset to the AVIATOR 200 STC

Londonderry, NH - Pro Star Aviation is pleased to announce the addition of the Cobham AVIATOR Wireless (Wi-Fi) Handset for the Cobham AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband System using Pro Star Aviation’s STC SA00321BO for Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. model PC-12/45/47/47E aircraft installations.

The Cobham AVIATOR Wireless Handset and AVIATOR Wireless Handset Cradle will be made available as an option to complement or replace the hardwired handset. Connecting to the AVIATOR 200 wireless access point (WAP) will allow low cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband Advanced Multiband Excitation +2 (AMBE2).  

The practical and affordable AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband Satellite Communication system is the lightest, most compact airborne broadband solution on the market providing a simple, easy to use cabin LAN network for ramp to altitude worldwide data and voice via laptops, tablets and smartphones via WiFi.  Multiple users can access this broadband system at speeds up to 200 kilobytes per second.  

“Adding the wireless handset affords passengers flexibility and easy access to voice calls anywhere in the aircraft,” says Kevin Harriman, Pro Star Aviation’s General Manager.  “Using our ODA for the certification kept this project on track continuing Pro Star Aviation’s commitment to supporting our customers and their requirements.”  

For more information about the Cobham AVIATOR product or any other avionics upgrades please contact Inside Sales Manager Jeffrey Shaw at 603-627-7827.