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The O.P.S. program is a Pro Star Aviation customer service focused concept which capitalizes on strong leadership, teamwork and organizational skills in order to bond the goals and objectives of our 5 major departments to the benefit of our customers. The Opportunities, Performance, and Services born of this effort will set the standard for expertise and consistency that will result in a positive customer experience second to none.

We understand each customer has unique constraints and guidelines within which to operate. Our approach is tailored with that understanding in mind. By listening to your short and long-term maintenance and upgrade needs, we are more proactive in reducing your downtime and cost by means of:
- Quicker and more accurate quotes
- Better coordination of inspections and upgrades

Aviation is all about uncontrollable variables and constant change. These factors can make even the simplest maintenance event a very challenging endeavor. We minimize the impact of these variables through advanced planning and strategic approach.

Optimal performance requires access to complete information and resources at all steps in the process - from start to finish. Expect comprehensive service and awareness that aligns our services with your needs. Our streamlined communication about you and your aircraft ensures the best possible outcome and fulfillment of project goals.

Listening is where this all begins. We need and want comments and feedback via our Customer Satisfaction Surveys; In-House Work or On-Site Work, whichever pertains to your latest event. This system allows us to review project goals and accomplishments with an eye both on success and on areas in need of refinement or corrective action. We pay attention before, during and after your visit.