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A Breath of Fresh Air. That is what we offer along with renewed confidence in your aircraft special missions program.

Does your next special missions project require precision, accuracy and sophistication? Our Special Missions modifications department has the experience you desire when adapting non-standard equipment into your aircraft.

We are one of the nation's leading Aircraft Modifiers of Special Missions. What does that mean to you, our valued client? It means we listen. When you are considering Flight Inspection Systems, Photography and Surveying Systems, Flir Systems, EMS, Military, or Law Enforcement projects - your outcome is key. Any special missions project is worthy of the specialized Pro Star Aviation brand of attention.

We use state of the art 3D modeling to develop and represent intricate concepts. We also use multi-faceted designs as part of our preliminary process. It's how we can get you what you want. The first time. Every time.