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Honeywell CD830 Upgrade Incentives
For NZ 2000/2010 Flight Management Systems

Honeywell has discontinued support of NZ2000/2010 CDU’s and CD-810/815/820 due to obsolescent parts. If your aircraft is equipped with any of the parts listed, and they fail, there are currently no exchange or repair units. Pro Star is offering exclusive savings to reduce the risk of an AOG situation.

Purchase a ship set of CD-830’s and receive the following:

  • CD-830’s at a 60% discount off from MSRP
  • Free STC
  • Free Installation

Honeywell LASEREF® IV Upgrade
Upgrade from LASEREF® II or III system

Laseref II and III units are no longer repairable. We have LASEREF IV units on the shelf to expedite turn-time and get you safely back in the air.

  •    Automatic re-align function for post- flight alignment for quick turns
  •     Auto calibration of the sensors to maintain optimal performance over time
  •     Improved maintenance with modular design and assembly