Critical Missions. Demanding Environments. Classified.

Pro Star Aviation has delivered sound airborne solutions for critical mission operations for over two decades. Flights operating in demanding environments require reliability, flexibility, and efficiency for all integrating systems. Our ability to design, certify and deliver special mission modifications to meet your rigorous requirements is unsurpassed. 

Providing a wide range of specialized aircraft modifications for Air Medical; Defense; Law Enforcement; Search & Rescue; Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and VIP aircraft. Our in-house Certification & Engineering teams provide innovative design, integration, flight testing, and certification solutions to meet any mission-critical aircraft need.

We understand the complex challenges of technology and certification. Our program management approach provides forward-thinking solutions to ensure your project stays on time and budget. From concept to design, our experienced team can modify cabin configurations, avionics integrations, and structural alterations to meet any global environment. Our in-house engineering and (ODA) Organization Designation Authorization certification support works to minimize program length and control costs. 

Our in-depth experience with Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) Technology expands over many platforms. The critical need to protect the mission of military or surveillance aircraft and ensure they return safely is vital. Our attention to detail, quality, and support are unmatched.

Custom Projects

Special Mission modifications are an integral part of our business. Our technical expertise and secure facilities deliver sound solutions to meet the needs of your critical missions. 

Our tried and true solutions from experience and new methodologies in engineering, manufacturing, and certification processes ensure Pro Star provides robust, cost-efficient, and timely certified solutions.

PMA Capabilities

Pro Star Aviation is fully certified by the FAA to design, produce and sell certified modification and replacement parts and kits on type-certified OEM, Special Missions, Commercial, and Government aircraft. Our team is knowledgeable and thorough, ensuring the parts we produce are of the highest quality. Save time and money when you partner with us and have confidence you’re receiving a superior part. 

A-Kit Designs

Integrate the latest technology into your fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft with our A-Kit designs that are rugged, durable, maintainable solutions. Government, military, medical, and special mission operations have relied on Pro Star for over 20 years to produce high-caliber A-Kits to meet their mission and needs. Designing and delivering over 45 A-Kits, our highly skilled team provides unsurpassed designs to exceed your expectations.

Schedule your next maintenance with our team of experts, we’re NCATT Certified and OEM factory Trained.